Stop Gateway gets 90,000 new supporters!

Just when the government thinks we’re done fighting… the fight against the pollution-packed Gateway highway and port expansion gained 90,000 supporters today… virtually all of them grey-haired.


The Council of Senior Citizens of BC know that more highway lanes mean more pollution and more pollution is devastating to seniors. They understand, too, that exposing younger people to these pollution levels increases the level of disease health care costs they will experience when they reach their senior years. This is a highly experienced campaign organization, lots of retired professionals who have been fighting the Campbell government for 7 years.


The addition of the seniors network marks the expansion of the Gateway battle province-wide.  Gateway 40 will be working with the COSCO executive to deliver our economic and environmental health messages through the 125 Council of Seniors groups across BC in the months leading up to the next provincial election, as we take across the province our message about Gordon Campbell’s promised devastation to Fraser Valley communities, destruction of some of the most biodiverse wildlife habitat on the continent,  destruction of thousands of acres of farmland during  a global food security crisis and destruction of first nations sacred sites.


Heartfelt thanks to Gudrun Langolf (Board Member of COSCO, Save Our Rivers and a number of other great causes) for facilitating this important connection.


Join me in welcoming Art Kube, Gudrun Langolf and their 90,000 fellow members.


Gateway 40 members who fit the demographic will find ample reasons for reciprocating the support and joining the Council.,

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