Spirit of Delta Rally – May 10, 2008

Spirit of Delta Rally

at South Delta Secondary (750 53rd Street – Delta) in Tsawwassen Saturday May 10 from 3-5 PM. Enjoy live music and entertainment, expert speakers and important discussion as we raise our voices to protect the public from dangerous high-voltage power lines through their neighbourhoods. This is a family event.


Boundary Bay is the most biodiverse area on the continent, and Gordon Campbell is destroying it with development. The Spirit of Delta Rally is not just for residents of Delta, but for people throughout the region who believe in protecting farmland, protecting wildfowl habitat, protecting the salmon habitat of the Lower Fraser, protecting our children and seniors from high voltage wires far in excess of dangerous levels, protecting children and seniors from deadly diesel pollutants. Protecting our first nations sacred/archeological sites from senseless and permanent destruction.


If you support sustainability and protection of farmland, biodiversity, heritage, air quality, sustainable transportation, there is no better way to spend a couple of hours on Mother’s Day weekend than rallying for Mother Earth at the Spirit of Delta. Whether you live in Delta or any other part of this region, please attend and show your support for this battered, beleaguered little community.


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