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Premier Environmental Messages

Time and Place
Sunday, September 28, 2008
11:00am – 1:00pm
Connaught Park – next to Kitsilano Farmers Market
Larch Street & 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Gateway 40 Citizens Network
Farmland Defence League
Save Our Rivers
Tsawwassen Mothers Against Power Poles

fabulous speakers, displays by leading groups and a giant petition to the premier.


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Agricultural Land Commission gives 3 days notice

Mr. Karlsen –

I have not had the courtesy of a reply to my request regarding Garden City Lands, but I receive notice that the Commission is once again railroading through public hearings without fair notice to the public.

This is unacceptable, and we demand that the public hearing be postponed to allow us more than one day to advise the broader community that has very clearly expressed concerns about the agricultural impacts of the South Fraser Perimeter Road.  The most recent alignment will cut a vast swath through Delta farmland, including dissecting the largest active dairy farm in the community.

This is unacceptable at a time when the world is facing a global food security crisis that all indicators tell us will only worsen.

We ask that the public hearing be rescheduled.

Donna Passmore

Farmland Defence League of BC

Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition &

Gateway 40 Citizens Network.

Copy:  Gateway 40 Citizens Network

           Farmland Defence League network
           Agricultural Land Reserve Protection & Enhancement Committee
           Farm Folk/City Folk
           BC Agriculture Council
           Organic Growers of BC
           Multifaith Action Society
           Boundary Bay Conservation Society
           Fraser River Coalition

           Sunbury Neighbourhood Association
           Council of Seniors of BC
           Livable Region Coalition
           Surrey Environmental Partners
           Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition
           Bolivar Heights Community Association
           Bridgeview Community Association
           East Ladner Residents
           Against Port Expansion
           Sierra Club
           City Farmer
           White Rock South Surrey Naturalists
           Smart Growth BC
           Save Our Rivers Society

           Federation of BC Naturalists

           BC Environmental Network
           West Coast Environmental Law Association

           University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre
           University of British Columbia Student Environment Centre
           University of British Columbia Land and Food Systems Faculty

           Students Active for the Enviroment (SAFE), Kwantlen University College
           Greenpeace, Agriculture Campaign
           100 Mile Diet

           BC Food and Restaurant Association
           Members, BC Legislature
           British Columbia Members of Parliament
           Union of BC Municipalities


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Thanks to John Cummins

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to John Cummins for his pre-emptive strike that “de-railed” <wink> what should have been an announcement by the feds about SFPR this morning.

John understands as few people do that it is easier to stop something before it happens than to get it undone, and in this instance the speed and dexterity – and, I suspect, forcefulness – bought us some much-needed time. Thank you, John, for this and all the incredible leadership you have been providing on Gateway for the past 4 or 5 years.

In addition to nipping the announcement in the bud, John’s actions led to an important revelation. The fact that the feds told him they were just delaying the announcement until after the election clearly tell us they know this project is wrong and doesn’t have public support.

I hope that all of our campaigners in Delta and Richmond are telling their neighbours to get out and support John. He’s one of a very few politicians who’s in that game for the right reasons and who truly represents his constituency.  When someone has been so strongly, fearlessly honest about the environment it doesn’t matter what party he stands for. If we give him the largest electoral mandate in the country, it’ll be hard for the Ottawa powerbrokers to ignore him, and his appeals on Delta’s and Richmond’s behalf.

Donna Passmore

Gateway 40 Citizens Network

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