Thanks to John Cummins

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to John Cummins for his pre-emptive strike that “de-railed” <wink> what should have been an announcement by the feds about SFPR this morning.

John understands as few people do that it is easier to stop something before it happens than to get it undone, and in this instance the speed and dexterity – and, I suspect, forcefulness – bought us some much-needed time. Thank you, John, for this and all the incredible leadership you have been providing on Gateway for the past 4 or 5 years.

In addition to nipping the announcement in the bud, John’s actions led to an important revelation. The fact that the feds told him they were just delaying the announcement until after the election clearly tell us they know this project is wrong and doesn’t have public support.

I hope that all of our campaigners in Delta and Richmond are telling their neighbours to get out and support John. He’s one of a very few politicians who’s in that game for the right reasons and who truly represents his constituency.  When someone has been so strongly, fearlessly honest about the environment it doesn’t matter what party he stands for. If we give him the largest electoral mandate in the country, it’ll be hard for the Ottawa powerbrokers to ignore him, and his appeals on Delta’s and Richmond’s behalf.

Donna Passmore

Gateway 40 Citizens Network

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