Are Surrey and Delta children sick of Gordon Campbell’s Policies?

Dear BC’s Alzheimer’s Society and BC Medical Association


I am writing to invite your boards and staff to come to Delta and Surrey to tour the sites of a couple of Gordon Campbell’s pet projects.


I don’t know whether or not BC’s Alzheimer’s Society is aware of Gordon Campbell’s vast credibility gap when it comes to his interest in protecting BC residents from Alzheimer’s.


I am aware – from the linked sites – that the Campbell government has spent $85 million of taxpayer’s money on Alzheimer’s research. At face value that would be highly laudable investment. Unless the same government’s other policies impose Alzheimer’s on residents – including our youngest and most vulnerable citizens.


Given the millions of taxpayer’s dollars the Liberals have spent on Alzheimer’s$15_million_for_alzheimer’s_research/   BC gov’t commits another $70 million to Alzheimer’s Research


The credibility gap comes from the Alzheimers-inducing environment BC’s premier is imposing on the residents of Tsawwassen.  is the PubMed (scientific journal) study on power lines and Alzheimer’s


As you are undoubtedly aware, there is also powerful science connecting diesel exhaust to brain stress that leads to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s   


I don’t live in Tsawwassen, but my environmental and agricultural advocacy has me spending considerable amounts of time in Delta. Much of the past 4 years of my life has been dedicated to fighting Gordon Campbell’s proposed expansion of Deltaport and the his beloved truck superhighway, the South Fraser Perimeter Road (anticipated to carry traffic volumes of up to 10,000 diesel trucks per day).


Last Friday I took the Leader of BC’s Green Party for a tour of the South Fraser Perimeter Road.  I attach this link to photos of the tour, and I ask I particular that you note the proximity of this cancer-causing, Alzheimer’s inducing road to Surrey’s elementary schools. As you will see from the attached article that was published in the Surrey Now, the road will be within dangerous proximity to 17 schools, more than 80% of which are elementary schools.  Bridgeview Elementary School is less than 300 feet from the truck highway – putting our tiny students and our hardworking teachers directly in harm’s way.  It is even worse at IQRA Elementary, the Muslin Elementary School, which his less than 100 feet from where the truck is planned. Ship’s Trucks and Train’s – Environmental Health Journal  Medscape article on diesel particulate as a trigger for Alzheimer’s


What does diesel pollution cost us?  Interestingly, BC’s Ministry of Transportation sees pollution-induced illness as an economic opportunity (see attached). For a saner perspective, I turn to the Union of Concerned Scientists who estimate that diesel pollution costs their taxpayers $21.5 billion PER YEAR.  Rough extrapolation – California’s population is about $36 million, BC’s is only $4 million – just over 10% of California’s. Do we want a transportation system that is the leading source of $2 billion annual health care tab?


Gordon Campbell’s actions imply that he does. That he’s okay with Surrey and Delta’s children paying with their health for his unsustainable transportation and energy plans.


I urge your associations to allow the Gateway 40 Citizens Network and our friends in Tsawwassen to show you how our communities are being impacted by Gordon Campbell. 


I can be reached by reply email or at 604-536-2790


Donna Passmore

Gateway 40 Citizens Network

Farmland Defence League of BC &

Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition


Copy: Mothers Against Power Poles

          Tsawwassen Residents Against High Voltage Overhead Lines

          Mayor and Council, Corporation of Delta

          Mayor and Council, City of Surrey

          Gateway 40 Citizens Network

          Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition

          BC Environmental Network

          Members of BC Legislature

          Jane Sterk, Leader, BC Green Party

          BC Medical Association

          Fraser Heights Community Association
          Bridgeview Community Association

          Sunbury Neighbourhood Association

          East Ladner Residents Association
          BC Teacher’s Federation
          Surrey Teacher’s Association

          Surrey School Board

          Delta Teacher’s Association

          Delta School Board

          Dr. Urbain Ip, Medical Director, Surrey Memorial Hospital
        Jim Sinclair, President, BC Federation of Labour

          CUPE BC

          Fraser Valley Conservation Coalition
          Valley Transportation Advisory Committee

          Surrey Environmental Partners
          Boundary Bay Conservation Committee
          Delta Now

          Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Society
          New Westminster Environmental Partners
          Livable Region Coalition
          David Beers, Editor, the Tyee
          Matthew Burrows, the Georgia Straight
          Bill Tieleman,  24 Hours
          Jeff Nagel, transportation writer, Black Press/Surrey Leader
          Tyler Noble, CKNW

          Mark Hume, Globe and Mail
          Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun

          Labour Environmental Alliance
          British Columbia School Personnel Association
          Environmental Educators Specialists Association
           School Plant Officials Association of BC
           Multifaith Action Society
           Interfaith Centre

Ahavat Olam Synagogue

Unitarian Church of Vancouver, Environment Committee

Unitarian Church of South Fraser
            Editor, Ecopsychology

20/20 Vision Society

            BC Family Practice Oncology Council

            Dr. Michael Seear, Oncology Department, BC’s Children’s Hospital
            UBC School of Environmental Health, Faculty of Medicine

            BC Lung Association

            UBC Centre for Health and Environmental Research

            Human Early Learning Program

MEDIA RELEASE  (Guy Gentner, MLA North Delta)

For Immediate Release 
Dec. 4, 2008


DELTA –The Campbell government’s decision to plow ahead with highway construction through Delta farmland before the Agricultural Land Commission has made a ruling is reckless and arrogant, said New Democrat MLA Guy Gentner.

News outlets revealed today that the Campbell government has started construction along two sections of proposed route for South Fraser Perimeter Road even though route even before ALC has not yet ruled on the removal of protected farmland on other sections of the route.

“Campbell is ramming through his preferred route for the highway even though it is harmful to farmland, the Burns Bog ecosystem, and neighborhoods in Delta,” said Gentner, the MLA for Delta North.

 “Campbell is refusing to listen to people in the region,” said Gentner. “He is recklessly proceeding with his pet project before he has proper approval. He doesn’t even have a finalized budget, and his financing isn’t in place.”

Gentner said there is widespread opposition to the route Campbell has selected because it destroys farmland, hurts neighborhoods, and threatens the sensitive Burns Bog ecosystem. He called on the government to develop a comprehensive transportation plan for the South Fraser.

“Instead of piecemeal pet projects, we need a comprehensive transportation plan that is based on the priorities for people in the South Fraser region,” said Gentner. 



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    Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  2. 2

    lee said,

    The water front views are the most expensive real estate values so lets put the highway along the whole waterfront…… And who cares about the lungs of the province burns bog. Gordon is becoming the worst mistake in B.C. history he must be stopped

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