Campaigns update Dec 08


Larry Pynn (Vancouver Sun) wrote a major piece in Friday’s paper on the farmland impacts, quoting NDP Ag Critic Charlie Wyse as stating that the NDP are opposed to SFPR.  Within hours of that item hitting the newsstands the Commission approved “with conditions” the exclusion of the lands. 


We continue to campaign aggressively. When we launched Gateway 20 (approaching Gateway 50) we said that the goal was the May 2009 provincial election. That remains the case. We just watched in Vancouver how a coalition of environmental interests defeated Peter Ladner (preserving the greenest member of the NPA, Suzanne Anton).  Now, similarly, we are seeing how coalitions of political moderates have de-throned the big business interests of Stephen Harper. We must similarly call on our provincial politicians to unite to defeat the most ecologically dangerous government in BC history: the Campbell Liberals.



The only way that we are going to stop Gateway is to defeat the Liberal government. In particular, we need to defeat the two worst enemies of the environment: Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell.  I AM CALLING ON CAMPAIGNERS WITH ALL GROUPS to sign on for door-knocking days and send teams of people to Cloverdale and Vancouver Point Grey, to knock on doors and tell the voters in those ridings how their elected official is devastating the environment, health, etc,  in your community.

Campbell is a considerably easier target, as Mel Lehan is a very high profile, visibly hard-working and highly electable opponent. 

I need door-knocking teams to start working these ridings – every weekend from January to May.  We need

GATEWAY/Deltaport Teams (Delta-Surrey) 

CAUSS/Silverdale Teams (Mission)

Farmland Defence League Team 

VALTAC/TRAHVOL teams (Tsawwassen)

Fraser River Coalition 

 Similarly, we ask our member groups with representation in those ridings to arrange forums for each of the groups (the easiest example to come to mind is Karl’s environment committee at Unitarian Church). These don’t have to be meetings of hundreds of people – collectively, we can make a lot of headway speaking to mixtures of small and large groups.

I am working on a big rally in the premier’s riding – in partnership with labour and environmental groups – for closer to May, and, as recently reported, an  Echoes of Stop Gateway Rally at the East Delta Hall – probably in late February/early March. 

Thanks everyone!

Donna Passmore

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