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Another 500 Acres of Farmland for Gateway Freeway Construction

500 acres of prime farmland in the Chilliwack River Valley was not included in the environmental assessment, or in the original Gateway projections of the amount of farmland it would destroy… because it isn’t being paved over. Not exactly.

This land, which we can see thanks to the photography of Susan Federspiel (of the Chilliwack River Valley Ratepayers Association)!/album.php?aid=13195&id=100000687315915&ref=mf

The theory is that the soil will be removed, the gravel extracted, and the soil lovingly replaced, so that agriculture can flourish. The reality is that there is not one known example in BC history where gravel extraction on farmland has not been to the detriment of agriculture.

In 2009 the United Nations declared the world is in a food security crisis, and BC literally plows along destroying farmland as though it were in infinite supply.

The Farmland Defence League and Gateway 40 Citizens Network are supporting the call for a review of the Agricultural Land Commission’s decision to allow gravel extraction on this site. To lend your voice to this effort, email:

Steve Thomson, Agriculture Minister
Or call his office –
Shirley Bond, Transportation Minister
Tony Pellett, Regional Planner, Agricultural Land Commission
Agriculture Critic Lana Popham
Transportation Critic Harry Brar

And copy your local newspaper – and the Minister’s local papers…
Kelowna Courier Editor –
Kelowna Capital News Editor –

And copy the Farmland Defence League –

For more information on Gateway, see Stop Gateway group on Facebook


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